Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Writing, Waiting

So the academic component of the Fellowship is no joke. If I didn't believe before, last night changed my mind. I spent all of it writing a lengthy paper about media coverage of Proposition 77. Either I'm getting old or I just forgot how painful it is to stay up all night. I'm still recovering from chowing down the requisite pint of soy ice cream that I always need to make it until dawn.

I find out tomorrow what Senate office I'll work in for the rest of the year. I felt pretty great after my placement interviews. I realized that there are a lot of smart staffers in this building, and there are many people who I would feel privileged to work with. I turned in a list of top office picks that had as much to do with my interest in a Senator's staff as it did my preference for the Senator.

Now I'm really nervous about where I get placed because apparently my entire identity as a human being revolves around who I work for. Not really, but it's like picking a team, and it sure seems like there are more than a few Democratic Senators that other Democrats don't like. Oh well. I'm the only person that actually has to live with my placement.


  • At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I wish I had your drive to research and write. I don't have any desire - so you must have it all. About your assignment - always felt nervous about all of my career changes since they would define who I was at the time. Looking back, it does not seem all that bad.
    A friend


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