Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I pushed my GRE test date back to December 30th because I am not ready to take it this weekend. The point of moving the date was to increase the amount of time that I have to study. Will this work? Probably not with me.

Since I moved my test date, I haven't picked up my study book. This, obviously, is not good. So I'm pledging to give up a few lazy habits until I take the test or until I'm sure I can score 800 on both sections (I'm guessing the test will come first).

I am officially renouncing all of my favorite things that are not more important than the GRE (just until I take the GRE anyway):

1. Watching King of the Hill
2. Developing new plans of attack in the hopeless battle to straighten my Half-fro
3. Making lists of music that I can only afford to buy later and will never really buy (you see I have a thing with lists.)
4. Tidying up my already-clean room (Neatfreak is not a nice thing to call anyone, I prefer neatnick, thank you.)
5. Talking to my fish (who only have 3 second memories and are incapable of really appreciating my attention anyway.)
6. Spending any more time on this weird, sad list.

Just for the record, I have real interests and hobbies that are far less pathetic than the past-times listed here. These are just the weird obsessions that don't improve the quality of my life and that I'm better off ditching until I have more time to waste.


  • At 4:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Speaking of hobbies, hey guess what? I busted out my music and sat down and played the piano. Before, I was just trying to play by memory which is pretty hard. (My roommate has a full size keyboard piano.) I can still play that song with six variations. Yeah! Maybe one day I will take piano lessons to improve my technique. Good luck on your test!
    Hasta La Navidad.

  • At 4:24 AM, Anonymous Kim said…

    the last comment was me, obviously!

  • At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I loved your humor. I am sure you have other interests but humore is always so good. Got me laughing. Now I can apologize for not keeping up with your blg. You will find I am responding to so many of your entries all on the same day. Bad me, bad me for being SOOOO tardy. I enjoy reading and hearing your thoughts.
    A Friend

  • At 3:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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