Sunday, July 09, 2006


This article is interesting in it’s own right, but look at the time between each generation: a woman had her son when she was 16, her son's daughter was born when he was 19, and this daughter had a baby when she was 17. In the time it has taken this family to produce 4 generations, my family has only produced two.

All judgement aside, it’s amazing how diverse this nation is and how different people’s lives are in different parts of the country.


  • At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have made many mistakes throughout my life but one action I feel I was correct in was waiting until my thirties to have children. Even then I felt unprepared for facing the utmost important task of raising a child/ren. I continually regret any and all mistakes I made during the formative years and my only consolation is that I would have made far many more errors if I had my children at an earlier/less mature age. Life experiences come with self education, formal education, career, travel, accumulative interactions with many different people. Young people need to allow themselves opportunities to be free and explore all the opportunities life has to present them. To think oneself is fully prepared to bring a precious human being into this world and be able to provide the growing child all the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical, financial, etc. before having established a secure future for oneself is extremely selfish, risky, and unthinking about the welfare of the "tiny person." I am thankful for our diverse nation but I cannot put aside judgement on this matter.

    Since I cannot put judgement aside, I realize I must become involved in educating people on the importance of delaying parenthood.

    A dear friend


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