Monday, August 07, 2006


Hi. You may think I don't know you, but I know you read my little blog. It's cool, 'cause I put this stuff up here for people to read, people like my family and friends and people I wish to keep in touch with. My friendship is pretty all-inclusive, and I'd be delighted if you'd like to be considered as someone should keep in touch with, even if you're someone new.

I don't post, however, for the benefit of people who don't like me. So if that's you (and you know who you are, and I know who you are), I'd really appreciate if you just left me alone. I know my opinions are pretty darn interesting, but if you don't like me, wouldn't you at least like to pretend you have something better to do? Thanks.


  • At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is someone "playin' games". Then she/he is sick and when she/he reads this just maybe her/his little pea-sized brain will "get it" that there is a need to go have himself or herself examined by a professional. Life is too short to be buggin' other people just because his or her life is so miserable.

    If the individual/s are advanced in age, time REALLY should be spent on producing positive "vibes" before departure takes place from this existence. If the individual/s are relatively young, negative links in the life/lives can add up very quickly and always, always, come/s back to haunt the individual/s. This is a UNIVERSAL TRUTH and can be validated by every society throughout the entire world.

    Again, I repeat myself. I will even give that person or persons a very good suggestion - negativity only comes back to the person/people initiating it. More goodness will come to those who seek to creat positive outcomes from positive productivity.

    A friend

  • At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Kimberly said…

    Hahahahahahaha! That translates from English to most other languages in the world as: Hahahahahahaha!

    Pam told you she has a support group that reads her blog...and she meant it!


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