Thursday, September 14, 2006

So Much to Say

My job was a mad race to the end of August. As soon as I slowed down my body protested having been denied so much sleep by offering shelter to the meanest cold I've ever had. I tried to tough it out and go camping with Mr. boyfriend and family and I even joined everyone for a long day of rafting, but this proved to be a stupid move. This should-have-been vacation made me so sick I thought I had mono and it's taken me 14 days to get back up to speed.

I stupidly bait chance by playing in the river while I'm sick.

At least everyone else had a good time. Well, except for the near-drowning incident and the poison oak. Boyfriend is related to all but two of these people. Can you guess which two?

Although I haven't had the energy to post, I've thought about it a lot. Here I provide, for your reading pleasure, a brief summary of thoughts which were worthy of a post but got cheated by my exhaustion:

Condoleeza Rice should not be grist for the gossip mill. Her allegiance to a President who thinks yee-haw! is a good foreign relations policy should be her only action making the front page of the Times.

If you've received the latest chain email warning young women to fear public bars please don't forward it to me. I'm against rape, and I'm all for educating women about the risk that some asshole might slip something in their drink, but telling women to make sure they have a man around who can watch out for his girls is crap. I can watch out for myself, or women can watch out for each other, and we'll be just fine frequenting public places on our own. Thanks.

It's fashion week!! I love fashion, and I love that volume has been in for a few seasons. Real women look good in ample cuts and draped fabric, and I get the feeling this fashion decade is going to end well even for those who aren't in New York this week.*

I finally have a reason to watch TV: The Office. This show is so good. The few other shows I appreciate are fun, but they're fake. I watch West Wing and Sex in the City because the characters represent my own imaginary life in an impossibly dynamic and engaging world where every word is perfectly scripted and no one ever burps. I bet most people like these shows for the same reason. But the office is so real, and it speaks to my own life, and this makes the show alive. I can't believe I'm so impressed with a TV show. I've only seen one episode, but I love it, and I can tell you Pam should dump her boyfriend and date her friend. If that Pam doesn't, by God, this Pam will.

*Yes, fashion is a tool of the patriarchy, but it doesn't have to be and I want it back. So I'm taking it back (carefully) by celebrating clothes that work for real women. I realize this is dangerous for my own development, but I trust myself not to fall into the trap of feeling empowerful.