Monday, May 15, 2006

and what about the Northern border?

Shouldn't we worry about where terrorists come from at least as much as we worry about where laborers come from?

Obviously, I can't say I was satisfied with the President's five part plan, but I didn't catch any news today so I went in braced for something cruel. Considering the man doing the deciding, the decision could have been a lot worse. Part One was clearly the bone he had to throw to the Michelle Malkins of the country--he likes to pretend he's a Texan and he did sort of govern the state, which means even he can't believe anything short of paying the national guard to stand arm to arm across the southern border is really going blockade against immigrants.

In other news, after years of schleping dishes, running errands for Hollywood ickies who thought I was dumpy, putting up and tearing down sales booths, and other crappy manual labor and service work, this is officially my worst day at work, ever. I've never had things go so badly at a job I actually care about. I am so frustrated on so many levels. *seething*

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The other bad-guys

The story broke just this week, and we've already forgotten about who collected our domestic calling records for the NSA. We've all got our eyes fixed on Michael Hayden and a corrupt administration--and for good reason--but we can't forget their other half. Big corporations were collecting this information, and they'll keep doing it. Personal customer information is an asset in industries like insurance, communications, and banking, and this administration lets them keep it and use it because they can't collect information like this and they want it too.

We can pass laws to protect personal information, but there will always be a new back door we're missing. If it's privacy we want, we've got to start limiting the personal information that gets kept by companies who have no interest in protecting us from the government or ID theft.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


A season to rest.