Saturday, March 25, 2006

Longest Wednesday Ever

On Wednesday morning, one of the bills that I'm staffing was heard in Senate Education. I didn't expect much opposition and I didn't have to prepare any amendments, but I still had a good deal of work to do to prepare the Senator to speak about the bill. We also weren't sure she could be there, so I also had to brief another Senator who was going to present the bill for us if she couldn't make it. The bill made it out of committee on a bipartisan 7-2 vote, no thanks to a Democratic Senator who spontaneously decided that she didn't like the bill even though her staff recommended an aye vote. For the few brief minutes while she questioned the bill, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Other than that, the hearing went smoothly and the witnesses were great. I breathed a big sigh of relief after spending the better part of the week scrambling to prepare for the hearing.

I spent the rest of the day pretty busy meeting with lobbyists and others who are giving me a hard time about another bill that I'm staffing. I left the office right at five to head to the airport and flew down to L.A. so I could meet with the USC Dems. They are a really enthusiastic group and pretty supportive of my campaign, so it was a comfortable meeting to attend. I thought the USC meeting was great end to a long, successful day. Unfortunately, I spend the next four hours of the evening on the phone dealing with frustrating internal campaign drama. Competitive elections are so important, but I just hope that I can keep things positive and make sure that people feel as good about the process as they do about the outcome.

It's easy to imagine that after I spent a few hours chatting at a friends house instead of sleeping, and then caught a 3am shuttle for my 6am flight back to Sacramento, I was totally exhausted all day on Thursday. Good thing I didn't have any meetings that day, because I know I looked pretty haggard.

So, yeah, my schedule is pretty ridiculous. I've had to move the part in my hair to hide the three white hairs that I've recently sprouted, but other than that, I'm still feeling good.


  • At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What did you say? Did you say, I have three gray hairs?! Hey, that is too soon! Slow down, you are living too fast. Ha. I know I can't tell you what to do. What a hectic day and I bet you loved every minute of it. Remember, such a fast pace takes a toll on the body. Hmmmm.
    A friend


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